imageBeginner, Intermediate & Advanced Lessons…  

       Stadium Jumping ~ Dressage
      Cross Country 

~~~ Time:
Each group lesson lasts approx 1 hr 15 min total, but allow at least 1 1/2 hrs for each

~~~ Cost:

$45 per lesson… regular group lesson ( no option to prepay for any discount)

$45 per lesson… drop-ins or biweekly participants

$55 per lesson… 30 – 40 minute Private Lesson  (you and the instructor only with no other riders)

$45 per lesson… Horse Care plus Riding lesson (learn grooming, tacking, handling and riding) Great for beginners who want to learn ALL things horse!


(note: we do not accept credit or debit cards, so please bring cash or a check)


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Schedule your lesson today!   (Ages 5 and up)


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Or call 615-595-7547 to set up a Private lesson, Mon – Fri at 10 am!

Working Student Program

A program designed to help increase and fast-track a rider’s effectiveness, knowledge and skills as an equestrian.

An opportunity to apply skills learned in lessons and attain greater understanding and purpose.

Designed for qualified riders wanting to spend extra time around horses and are willing to work.

When:  Before and/or after the riders lesson

What:  Assignments and projects to demonstrate what they are learning in lessons

Examples:  Lead horses to water, lessons, arenas, etc.

Assist Instructors during lessons

Clean tack, stalls, barn area

Maintain grooming tools and areas

Exercise and cool down horses

Tack up and untack




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